Mending Camellia

About This Project

When I became ill I found myself detaching from everything.
With the parts that defined my nature no longer naturally staying in place,
I was forced into the desperate task of survival, only to finally realise one thing:
perhaps you can never truly fix yourself, only allow yourself to heal.

Mending Camellia exists as the product of my meditation on a characteristic of the human condition. Using poetic analogy, it narrates our often tragic attempt to control and ‘fix’ the nature of the world around us in order to align it with our preconceived notions of how things should be. Through a combination of performance, sculpture and photography, the work portrays a narrative of an unseen character documenting his attempt to preserve what he deems to be the ‘proper’ form of a garden plant as it falls ill and sheds its broken parts. The work exists both as a fictional documentation and a poetic statement with which to consider our relationship as humans to a world that does not inherently require us to correct and maintain it. It shows humanity’s intervention as both a well-meaning and yet tragically destructive intervention and leaves it open to the viewer to decide which pursuit is greater:
to mend or to heal?


Fine Art, Personal